A Formative Usability Test Reporting Template For Non-Designers

  • Trainee: Ataur Rahman
  • Company: Backbase
  • Company supervisor: Mark Wittekampf
  • TU/e supervisor: Dr. Javed V. Khan


Backbase is a fast growing financial technology software provider in the world. From 2016 onwards Backbase has been scaling their operations significantly up and as a result number of employees is getting increased every month. With this growth, Backbase is in need of standardization of documentation processes within the company to have an efficient communication process. As a new joiner in the company, realizing the need of a standard documentation process, I have created an interactive documentation template for reporting formative usability tests for Backbase employees.

A formative usability test is a type of usability test where designers focus on finding and fixing usability problems early in the design process before the development starts. However, documenting test results can be very challenging due to a lack of a Common Industry Format. To solve this problem, I had created an interactive documentation template using the learnings gleaned from a thorough literature review. Later, I followed an iterative and user-centered design process to refine and test the formative test report template. Users at Backbase reacted favorably to having the template. They especially valued the template is well thought out and researched. Elements used in there were sufficient for them to glean the necessary information for their work.