Best practice guide for designing for SAP Fiori

  • Trainee: Ruud Zandbergen
  • Company: McCoy & Partners
  • Company supervisor: Margreet Lensen
  • TU/e supervisor: Jacques Terken


McCoy & Partners is a IT consultancy that has the vision to simplify enterprise systems and processes to make their clients more successful. One of their recent efforts to accomplish this is by starting up a User experience (UX) design team that provide consultancy on how the interfaces for enterprise systems can be improved. McCoy works almost exclusively with SAP applications, most of which are using the SAP Fiori design style for its user interface. For UX designers of McCoy this means that they are often designing for this SAP Fiori interfaces.

As the UX design team at McCoy is growing, the need is arising for a way to standardize the way of working in Fiori projects. Second, McCoy wants to help newly hired UX designers, who often don’t have experience with SAP Fiori, to design for SAP systems. Due to these needs, it was decided to create a best practice guide for designing with SAP Fiori in this industrial project. The information necessary for the best practice guide were iteratively collected by performing three cases at two different companies and the guide was evaluated with experts.

This guide is the first stepping stone in adopting a standardized approach for designing with SAP Fiori at McCoy. It will need to be further developed in the coming years, based on experiences of different designers in different Fiori projects. Ideally, this guide will become a living document that is constantly updated by designers that are using the guide to help it improve over time and stay relevant.