Design and Evaluation of an integrated music production concept

  • Trainee: Sarah Van Peteghem
  • Company: German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH
  • Company supervisor: Florian Schneidmadel and Frank Elting
  • TU/e supervisor: Prof.Dr.Ir. J.H. (Berry) Eggen


The complexity of music production systems can easily become an obstacle to the music creation process. Music producers with limited technical expertise can spend a great deal of time and effort going through parameter settings, disrupting the creative process of music production. This is a common problem that occurs during computer mediated creative activities.

This project covered the design and evaluation of an integrated music production concept that addresses these issues. The design supports the creative process and minimizes complexity by providing easy access to commonly used audio modifiers. The concept takes the wide variation of knowledge and skills between music producers into account and provides different levels of interaction, ‘hiding’ unwanted levels of complexity.

The system was developed through iterative design and evaluation. The design was built around user experiences that allow for producing music through fluid and engaging interactions. Concepts were defined after analyzing usage patterns and literature research within the company.

During this iterative process, different concepts where illustrated by means of interactive prototypes. Each prototype was created with sufficient visual fidelity, content and functionality to suit the context of the evaluation.

These design and evaluation iterations serve as the input for the next stage in the design of the system, where further occurring problems will be solved and full design solutions will be created.