Designing an app for Electronic Health Records

  • Trainee: Jelmer Kuurstra
  • Company: NEDAP
  • Company supervisor: Stefan Teijgeler
  • TU/e supervisor: Jacques Terken


Electronic health records (EHRs) are used to digitally store and retrieve relevant information about patients in healthcare settings. For instance, an EHR contains a patient’s medical history, a plan in which the care a patient receives is described, and reports and measurements on a patient’s progress.

The goal of this project was to research, design and test functionality for a first step towards a new EHR, focusing on health measuring instruments registrations for (elderly) care organisations in the Netherlands. Together with developers, a full user-centred design cycle was performed, consisting of empathising with users, defining the problem, ideating on potential solutions and prototyping and testing our ideas in order to create the web application.