Eventix Design Case: Cash Register Functionality

  • Trainee: Evy Ansems, Nina Buchina, Ruud Zandbergen, Tudor Văcăreţu
  • Company: Eventix
  • Company supervisor: Chris de Jong, Joost Aanen
  • TU/e supervisor: Ivor Grisel


The goal/problem statement

Eventix, an initiative against high costs that ticket service providers are charging on top of the ticket price is Europe’s fastest growing self-service digital ticketing company, providing event organizers a low priced alternative of equal quality. With growth, new responsabilities arrive, that is why Eventix is looking to expand their functionality. Our team was involved in the ideation, conception and prototype development of a cash register system that empowers the event creators to sell more than tickets. The cash register system is designed to be highly configurable for the user and mobile friendly, since it is more facile for event organizers or other potential users to operate on a tablet like device.

Design and software development

Our team adopted an iterative process for refining the functionality and flow of the cash register system to be implemented. The first iteration included user research and completing a thorough contextual inquiry. We translated our findings into user stories for being able to proceed with the second iteration: Paper prototyping and translating the paper prototypes into Balsamiq. After we completed the second iteration together with Eventix we analyzed the low fidelity prototype and improved the overall flow of the application. The third iteration aimed for developing a medium fidelity prototype in Axure for user testing purposes, in order to spot potential bugs or wrong workflows, and to test the overall usability of the application. Based on the feedback received we refined the sytem functionality and moved forward to the last iteration which was graphic designing and Html/Css development.

End result

The end result was a responsive and fluid UI for a cash register system that would fit the Eventix website, implemented in HTML and CSS, designed for both desktop and tablet devices.