Innovation in Ultrasound Usage

  • Trainee: Victor Donker
  • Company: Usono
  • Company supervisor:
  • TU/e supervisor: Aarnout Brombacher


Usono has the ambition to ease, improve and innovate ultrasound usage. Ultrasound is a great medical imaging technique but is a handheld device. The user interacts manually with the physical ultrasound probe to make images of the an unborn baby, organs, the heart or muscles. For several procedure in cardiology and intensive care, ultrasound is used for longer periods to monitor the heart. However, it’s practically impossible to keep a stable image of the heart for half an hour. In muscle monitoring ultrasound is also used, but moving muscles can not be seen, since manual fixation on a leg for example is needed. As a young startup, Usono developed the ProbeFix in an iterative and user centred design process with multiple hospitals in the Netherlands. The ProbeFix is a unique and patented tool that fixates the ultrasound probe to the body, enabling hands-free, lengthy and dynamic ultrasound imaging. Fixation the probe in a stable position gives a better diagnosis of the heart during a stress echo test, more reliable data for fluid injection on the intensive care and gives better insights in muscle strength and strain. The product has been CE marked and a first distributer signed for sales in The Netherlands, United Kingdom and 5 Scandinavian countries. This innovation is the first step in changing ultrasound from a handheld to a wearable.