Sparrow - Artifact-based communication service for designers

  • Trainee: Berkay Taskin
  • Company: Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Company supervisor:
  • TU/e supervisor: Mathias Funk


Problem statement:

In the early phases of design process, design teams heavily communicate through face to face communication. During these phases, it may be challenging to get everyone on the board or keep track of these discussions due to the intangible nature of the face to face communication.

End result:

Sparrow aims to get everyone in the design team on the same page for the design decisions and make these discussions/decisions more tangible. It helps designers communicate their work with other designers right through the design artifacts. Designers can easily get feedback from their team-members and take notes on their artifacts for better argumentation via Sparrow.


The process consists of four main phases: Explore, Design, Prototype, and Evaluate. During the Explore phase, the project involved more divergent thinking to understand the domain, users and the previous work done. At the end of this phase, the project direction was set: creating a service to improve communication among the designers in the early design phases. The Design phase included a mixture of divergent and convergent thinking to create concepts based on the discussions between the researchers and feedback from the users. After creating the detailed design, the project involved convergent thinking to focus on creating the prototype in the Prototype phase and evaluating it with the potential users in the Evaluate phase.