The Design of a Human-Machine Interface for an interactive C2X application


  • Trainee: Luuk Beursgens
  • Company: German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH
  • Company supervisor: Dipl.-Inform. Sandro Castronovo
  • TU/e supervisor: Dr. Ir. J. Terken


Although the technical foundations for Car-to-X (C2X) communication are considered stable enough for use in practice, the main focus of existing C2X applications is recognizing and reacting to unsafe or inefficient traffic situations. Infotainment and social applications are rarely addressed. In general, the user interaction is very limited. Information is basically ‘pushed’ to the driver without the driver being able to actively interact with the technology.

In collaboration with the automotive group of DFKI Saarbrücken, an interactive C2X application was developed. The application allows users to ‘pull’ information when they consider it relevant or suitable. It was envisioned that increasing the interactivity would potentially increase the acceptance of in-car C2X applications and services by allowing users to actively influence which information is presented to them.

The developed application allows drivers to interact with environmental displays (billboards) while driving. The billboards present information about movies, and users can use a multimodal HMI to retrieve more information and reserve tickets for the movie. My responsibility within the design team was the design and evaluation of the GUI. Throughout the design process I was supported by Sandro Castronovo at DFKI and Jacques Terken at the TU/e.