Trainr - supporting children to deal with urinary incontinence

  • Trainee: Yunqing Bao, Victor Donker and Marjolein Wintermans
  • Company: Novioscan
  • Company supervisor: Jorien de Jonge and Paul van Leuteren
  • TU/e supervisor: Jacques Terken, Panos Markopoulos, Emiel Krahmer and Gilbert Cockton



The Novioscan project is mainly about helping children aged 6 - 12 who have incontinence problems. The initial goal of this project was to develop general concepts of apps, including visual designs, for all stakeholders that involved, i.e. children, parents, nurses/trainers in 5 weeks.

As children are the main stakeholders in this case, the goal was to rather create a well-developed concept for children while using insights of other stakeholders than to roughly develop different concepts for all stakeholders.


The process started by performing a competitive analysis. Meanwhile, a focus group that planned by Novioscan was carried out to evaluate their bladder sensor and the smartphone game app. From this, an iterative design process, which included roughly 10 iterations was done. Firstly, initial brainstorming and mind mapping was performed based on the results of the competitor analysis and the focus group. A roughly 70 ideas was developed during this stage. These insights were brought to the table with Novioscan during a lunch meeting. During this session the team discussed the ideas, and the key values became clear. After gaining key values, a customer journey map and a general concept was generated. Subsequently, a co-creation session was carried out, mainly focusing on brainstorming different stakeholders based on the general concept. A train track gaming idea was generated from this co-creation session. Then this idea was elaborated by doing a second co-creation session within the teams. In order to make it more structured, wireframes were made. Meanwhile, the opportunity came up to go to the Novioscan exhibition to gain feedbacks from experts there. Next to this, high fidelity GUI designs were created and evaluated with children in a high school which was a very valuable step in the creation of the final concept and design.


The final design includes the visual design of the app screens, showing both the flow of the app and the general concept. The main elements in the concept are a visual diary to be filled in by the kid, a personal character, a character to chat with, and a gaming element related to the peeing events.