User Experience overhaul of Eventix’ web and mobile ticketshop

  • Trainee: Victor Donker, Jelmer Kuurstra, Julia Lebedeva, Eva Palaiologk, Yunqing Bao & Ataur Rahman
  • Company: Eventix
  • Company supervisor: Chris de Jong, Joost Aanen
  • TU/e supervisor: Matthijs Zwinderman, Nikos Batalas



The goal of this user-centred design project was to optimize the design of the ticketshop by customizing it according to the users’ needs and organizers’ needs and deliver this as a style guide.


At first, there were two groups; one for the mobile and one for the web version of the ticketshop. The groups merged for the major part of the process, because we found out that in most parts the work was similar or the same. The process started by performing a benchmark analysis and having users test Eventix’ ticketshop, along with two competitor ticketshops: Eventim and Ticketscript. We collected users’ feedback and specified core features that were missing or could be optimized in Eventix’ ticketshop. In order to prioritize features, we categorised the core features from the user testing along with features we found from the benchmark analysis into a Kano analysis. We chose to go with a mobile-first approach, because there is limited space at our disposal. Then, the web version would be slightly wider, resulting in more space and freedom for us. After gaining insights in and from the users, we created our first iteration of a paper prototype. We tested the flow of this prototype with users and made changes according to their feedback. Resulting from this paper prototype, we created an interactive mobile ticketshop prototype in Axure RP and the web version in Balsamiq. After prototyping, we worked on the visual design and on creating the style guide. In addition, we made a start with the web/mobile development of the ticketshop using Bootstrap.


The final design includes the visual design of the screens to demo several flows within the ticketshop on a mobile phone. In addition, we created a style guide to help Eventix build the new ticketshop. The main difference between the mobile and web ticketshop is the width of the shop. The web version will be integrated in a website and therefore does not take the full width of a screen.