Bindu Upadhyay


I look at design as a means of bringing the latest research into the society. In that spirit, I strive to design products that are simple and intuitive to use, while adhering to the technical standards.

I love working at the interface of multiple disciplines. I see myself leading a team of motivated engineers and designers to build user­ centred technological solutions which have a positive impact on the society.

Before joining as a trainee at USI, I worked as a product manager. My previous experiences continue to influence my approach to problem­ solving through the design thinking process and makes me appreciate the impact technology has on our lives.

My background as an engineer with experience in hardware as well as software product design helps me blend in well with the cross functional teams in USI. I pursued my bachelor’s and master’s in Engineering Design (ED) at Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT M).


Engineering Design :: Indian Institute of Technology Madras