Debargha Dey


As a User Experience and Human-Computer Interaction researcher with knowledge in creating product designs that align with business goals and meet user needs, I enjoy finding simple solutions to difficult design problems. The USI program allows me to collaborate in interdisciplinary teams to investigate and create meaningful interactions to visualize and understand complex and ambiguous concepts, and hone my research and design skills.

My background is in Computer Science, and before committing myself to the field of UX and HCI, I worked as a software engineer. This range of experience helps me approach and solve problems from many perspectives during the user-centered design process. The ability to work in teams with such driven and motivated people exchanging ideas and working steadily towards highly usable solutions that have real-life impact is one of the biggest highlights for me as a USI trainee.

My current research work lies in the domain of Automotive Human-Machine Interfaces, especially in the context of highly and fully autonomous driving. I conduct design-driven research to uncover Human Factor and Human-Machine Interaction issues using various qualitative and quantitative analysis tools.


MSc. Computer Science :: Vanderbilt University