Emanuela Cozzi


Born and raised in sunny and colourful Italy, I bring with me the enthusiasm and resourcefulness of most of my fellow nationals. From 2010, I work for national and international firms and I am currently completing a Professional Doctorate in User-System Interaction at the TU/e. I enjoy taking part in digital projects as a consultant, as well as a Product Owner.

I am at home in fast paced and even complex environments. When challenges arise, that’s when I feel alive and I act to find unconventional ways to tackle them. I believe designing effective solutions implies involving all parties in the process - team members, clients and customers. That is why co-creation methodologies are among my favourite.

Omni-channel strategies for successful commerce should start from a deep understanding of the consumer, his environment and conditions, as well as his state of mind. Enriching people’s experiences ultimately means to make their lives easier, more interesting and more fun.

Looking to continuously grow my knowledge, my aim is to design for ever pervasive digital experiences where technology acts as a medium to support and simplify all human activities.


MSc. Clinical-Dynamic Psychology :: Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy