Kateryna Saprunova


I am graduated as a computer engineer with the passion on a fine-art. These two early incompatible for me domains had been merged in the field of web-design and web-development that I picked ones and stayed for 12+ years.

From the work experience, I realized that interconnection between different knowledge domains is becoming more visible and crucial, especially in building complex digital systems. But how to simplify the representation and applying of complex systems for users? This question brought me to the USI program.

What is USI about?

Mostly this program invokes us, designers, psychologies, and researchers, to improve interaction between people and systems for making technology truly accessible. The main tool for that purpose is learning of people’s needs or even their psychology, looking for unbiased, but critical feedback.

I strongly believe that natural empathy to people and observance can fill the existing gaps between systems and users.


Ph.D. Computer Aided Design :: National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute'.