Ruben Rouwhof


My background in Industrial Design and my current position as a UX designer enable me to play on the blurry line between the digital and physical world. In my projects, I try to embody digital elements and let people put them to use in the physical world.

As a UX’er in the team, I am deeply involved throughout the entire process; from research, prototyping, testing, until presenting to stakeholders. I love to apply my expertise in user-centered design and experience collaborating cross-disciplinary to create new innovative digital experiences.

I pursue a holistic approach and facilitate the process. As a UX designer, it is important to gather the right resources, think beyond the problem and get everyone on the same page in order to serve the user in the best way possible.

Based on user needs, business requirements, my insights, and technical feasibility, I start creating. This is where I really get excited. In my iterative process, prototyping and testing are key elements. Depending on my goal and the project phase, I either grab pen and paper, use cardboard or build something in Axure. Every tool has its own advantages, but the most important aspect is to test what I want to, in the way that suits the project.