Serena Dorrestijn


I am passionate about designing and developing systems that support and enhance human performance in all possible settings. Therefore, I believe that good products or systems should be designed and developed with the cognitive and physical characteristics of the user in mind. I aim to incorporate (user) research and user-centered design in every product I deliver. I feel a system, service or product design becomes more powerful the moment design choices are based on concrete findings examined during user research or testing. Entering a creative process while keeping research findings in mind enables me to deliver products that do not only satisfy users, but also meet or exceed the client’s requirements. I would not be able to deliver these values in a project without good teamwork. By maintaining a pro-active attitude and staying true to myself while remaining professional, I am able to effectively communicate with clients, stakeholders and team members to reach our goals.


MSc. Human Factors & Engineering Psychology :: University of Twente