Theodora Kyrgia


Hello! My name is Theodora Kyrgia and I am a graduate of the department of Industrial Design and of Architecture Engineering. I joined the User System Interaction (USI) program to gain more experience on conceptualizing digital products and services, while collaborating with professionals from various disciplines.

My work is intrinsically motivated by the potential of the user(s) and cultivates a spectrum of projects that include the disciplines of ux design, interaction, spatiality, textile and garment explorations and performance. In my ongoing practice I try renegotiate the boundaries between users and system through design that is open to change and redefinition, in order to create an experience for the users. It is important that the users participate and are able to personalize the design. I learned to use technology as a trigger of creativity and see it as an advantage in the modulation of such transformative and interactive systems.


MSc. Industrial Design :: Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands