Yuanshu Li


My name is Yuanshu, and I am a computer system developer and user experience designer. In my master period, I was in charge of a project to develop an application system for the police station in Hangzhou, China. Besides the coding part, I had a chance to redesign the interface of the system based on the feedback given by our clients. I found myself quite interested in design and I would like to learn more about this. That is why I applied for this post-master program USI (User System Interaction).

After being involved in several design projects in USI, I have acquired both knowledge of User Center Design and professional skills. I know well what the entire design cycle is and how to put different kinds of methodologies into practice. It is even better that my technical skills allow me to think and implement one-step further. Moreover, I had the opportunity to work in a multinational and multidisciplinary environment. I have learnt how to cooperate with people from different backgrounds to reach a common goal and I stand out for my versatility and flexibility. In the future, I would like to be a front end or application system developer, who aims for a “win-win” outcome by surpassing customers’ requirements and charging higher premiums.


MSc. Computer Applications :: Zhejiang University, China